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The Big Picture:

Americans have a sense of pride when it comes to American made products.  They create American jobs that help support families right here in the USA.  This simple truth must never be allowed to fade away.

Our homes, churches and the companies where we work help shape our every day lives and dreams.   Many believe Our Home Team experience is best expressed by our love for all kinds of sports from pee wee to professional leagues.  We cheer our favorite teams every chance we get.  Win, lose or draw, we respect the other team because ultimately we are all part of the same team, America.

With this in mind I created a National Brand that makes a statement that all Americans can relate to, a Brand that creates an immediate smile on the face of all Americans.  Emphasizing the Big Picture.

As different as we all are, we know America's Our Home Team, so let's express it often!  Our intention is to provide everyone in America a Brand that says it all.  And we promise when you check out the labels of our apparel, they all say Made in the USA!


Custom American Made Products:

We market our Trademarked product line through groups such as businesses, churches, organizations and events:  to people like you that immediately grasp the concept and wish to partner with us.

We know there are millions of fellow proud Americans out there with some type of group affiliation.  Whether you order from our standard line or decide to combine your logo, name or phrase with one of our four Trademarked Brands, every order is considered custom and pricing is provided once we identify your specific needs.  Please Click here for Corporate Examples 

Please take a look at our four Trademarks and apparel below.  To arrange for a custom price quote please call today.

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Dan Moore



Polo & Tee Shirts



All Polo Shirts at 6.2 oz. pre-shrunk 100% combed cotton pique.


All Tee Shirts are 6.1 oz. pre-shrunk cotton.




All Caps are 100% cotton chino with matching Velcro closure and pre-curved bill.


Tote Bags    Drink Huggies    Bumper Stickers & Banners    Buttons & Pins


Choose From Any of Our Four Trademarks

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June 2, 2011